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Hello Spider Mike!!!!!

Songs We Love to Sing

Sailor's Ballad(Michael Barber)
Traffic of Tradition(Michael Barber)
Paradise(John Prine)
Swimming to the Other Side (Pat Humphries song)
Southern Suggestion.(Michael Reno Harrell)
Listen to them and give me some feed back by clicking here.

What a GREAT NIGHT at George and Beverly's

David Pell and I at Bill and Stacy's house with Spider Mike

Spider Mike at the Fair

Here I am with Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, and Ricky Skaggs doing a PBS special and music DVD. Click the picture to get more pictures including pix of Allison Krouse.

Christmas Carols with Deborah's first grade.

Playing at Pam and Dan's wedding.

This is the CD cover picture from "The Bluegrass Messengers" Farther Along CD. I play with the Messengers on a quasi-regular basis, do a lot of their sound stuff, and keep up their web site.

Here is the song Paradise(John Prine)that I sing and do the lead guitar on with the Messengers from the Farther Along CD

Yardfest 2004 Miller Park Amphitheater

What a GREAT day!!
Click on the picture to get a slide show

If your on dial-up this is a little slow but its really worth it. Anyone wanting a disk with high quality copies let me know.

I did a solo opening for Doc's concert in Eden!

I opened Doc Watson's concert with this song Southern Suggestion. This is a Michael Reno Harrel song that is a must for all southern folk.

The Guitars

This is my baby! It is a Gibson Starburst EC-20 cut away. The low end on this guitar is what I use to compare every other guitar too. With a set of medium strings you can really bang this thing and never get any buzz. The tension takes some getting use to, but once your hand is in shape nothing else feels this good. The EC-20's come with a prefix pre-amp with notch filtering on-board. Matched up with a Trace Elliot TA-100 acoustic amp it is all any coffee shop can take.
The pic is a link to Gibson so surf on.

Summer on Trade street festival (L Richard,M Maggie, R Me)
Here are some links that I find myself using a lot.
Carvin has lots of great gear
Musicians Friend...More great gear

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